The New Beginning

“The journey of thousand miles begins with one step”

An old adage that captures the essence of any successful journey.

For a journey to be successful one needs patience, will power, planning, vision and a goal

BUT for journey to happen one just need to begin somewhere and it is that first step that counts the most.

The world is bad; people have changed, no one wants to help; environment is getting polluted; corruption is at the highest… these are just some of the topic of discussions which come up in any get together, meeting – formal or informal etc.

All of us participate in such discussions – give apt examples and then go home.

We were also in the same league but we decided we wanted to do more than just make these issues dinner time topics to be forgotten with the dessert coming in!

And thus after numerous discussions, endless conversations, much needed research and considerable thought we reached a unanimous decision – we want more than just discussions – we really want to do something – not for the underprivileged, illiterate, poverty struck but for ourselves.

And thats what New Beginning is all about…

Come Explore it with us…

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