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It all begins with a song

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Once again the bug is biting … to write write and write

 The days are same the nights are same too… what comes in between is changing or rather keeps on changing

 Weekdays are boring and weekends are mostly a mix of hectic and relaxing

 This past weekend was a date with Mohito Chouhano – the new king of melodies and soft romantic humming’s -the weirdo from the land of mountains and lush greens

 In simple words attended Mohit Chauhan concert, who, if had shared one more anecdote of Himachal Pradesh the HP tourism would make him the brand ambassador (or may be he is already one!)

Anyways … it was good …the venue was Sri fort once again … the good ambience, the better managed crowd, the awful coffee and grub looking bhelpuri … the place is fast becoming home to me … with more than 5 -6 concerts in the past couple of months thanks to my sister working in 104 fever fm and hosting Fever Unplugged series 

The songs were good … but the selection could have been a little better or maybe it’s like the sweet addiction the more u have the more you want. Dooba Dooba was best and the first runner up place went to tumse hi from ‘JAB WE MET’ … a musically soothing evening …

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