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September 29, 2014 Leave a comment

I love your coffee too … sharing it ahead!


Dear Coffee,

Make yourself comfortable at the dining room table. Take a seat. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, so relax your steaming breath. I have so much to tell you.

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To write or not too right

September 23, 2014 Leave a comment

What is there to write … still want to write

So much has happened online in the past couple of years that now I really do not know what to write… what’s left to write

There was a time when blogs were not there… Facebook had started off but we were still on Orkut and then suddenly things changed and now not being there in social media (Facebook + Twitter + Linked in + Blog) is considered to be LS … as if you are not part of the mainstream … the current generation! (X, Y or Z… don’t know what that is)

So now back to writing business …with WWW bursting and expanding … to think of writing about anything looks as if it has been done before … by someone … somewhere … And if it has been done and written then what’s the point of doing it again? Unless there is something new to be shared and new to be said there really is no need to go ahead with it …that’s been my thought for some time now.

But then still want to write and be published (even on a blog!)

Let’s just say it gives some satisfaction … something to the soul … hope haven’t lost you already 

But that’s what I feel … have always felt … to write something which comes from my heart and somehow connects with the people out there … it’s the same that happens with any creation … movies… poems … paintings … art … even food. all these just help us express our individual feelings and take it to someone else … that someone else who also may be in the same situation … same phase and may be looking at expressing herself and not finding the right words to do so!

Makes sense … but still as I am writing rite now … words are not coming in a flow … they are coming but only after I mentally switch off the filters that I only have put there. filters that check if what i am saying is rite wrong … doesn’t reveal too much about myself … or show myself either too strong or too week or too confused … is politically rite … shows me as an intelligent writer or a sensitive writer … dose not hurt either my professional or personal partners etc etc. All these are in full control till I tell them to just chill for some time.

But one thing is clear … I am going to keep doing this … writing business… try and look at some stuff from past and some from present … coz I like it.

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The saga of a beautiful change

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Since time immemorial the make up of my living room was pending … though the intentions were always there but for some reasons it just wasn’t happening! And the walls of the living room along with the basic furniture had succumbed to cribbing and talking negative about me for not giving them any time nor making any increment in their looks … almost like we all do for our jobs!

Now after a week’s running around the furniture shops, handloom houses, tailors and several visits to ATMs I can feel some positivity coming towards me from the adorned walls and newly cushioned chairs. The walls have made friendship with the windows wanting to share the hue of the new curtains which are now beautifully adorning them and the windows want to reciprocate to ensure they get the good view of the beautiful colorful landscapes the walls now have accessorizing them!

If this isn’t for beginning of new relationships, wait till I tell you what the old wood has to say for the new entity that has now joined them. The old chairs seem to have got a new lease of life or as they say a fresh breath of air has come in their life … the pair of the new chairs is nothing less then a pair of handsome suitors for them! They just can’t take their eyes away from them. All they want to do is being paired with them and be the one who matches them with their feminine beauty.

Joining the wood and walls are the doors … they just can’t seem to get enough of the violet curtains which now drape them … with their semi transparent look and style … the doors don’t know what to hide and what to share! They are simply speechless …

Same is the story for the old upholstery … its in awe of the new pieces which are all in different shades of purple and pink and match the soft and glowing light of the tall and lean lamp shade at every step!

There is a different aura to the entire place … at some points screaming power which purple gives while at some places it goes all feminine and soft which pink leaves wherever it has the reach. For me the feeling is a mix one … it heartens me to have such conversations going in my living room … of new hope, of new beginnings, of curiosity, of jealousy, of love! This gives me some more ‘Hope’ that all that we want does come to us even if it seems a little unreachable and highly unrealistic at times. It also reiterates ‘vision is more effective then planning’. But the thought that is surely a winner is ‘nothing comes to us unless we are determined and willing to give every thing we have as the price for what we want to have in our life’.

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November 18, 2011 3 comments

Finished reading ‘Eat pray love’ by Elizbeth Glibert

First two parts are fine but in the third one the charm goes way for some reason … almost as if the author herself lost interest while writing and so the text does not touch you at all (in retrospect … maybe the pray part is so strong that it outshines everything else!)

The first part concentrates on the eating and just being … the entire experience can be summed up in Bel Far Niente – ‘the art of doing nothing’. The art of just being and not doing anything at all … it’s an interesting concept – and would be fun if one can do it and has the resources for the same.

 The second part is the one which impresses me the most. It is all about praying and really praying not just doing some religious mumbo jumbo. I liked the way she tries to connect with GOD and how she actually comes by GOD. The description of various techniques of meditation – breathing, vipasana, silence etc is the ‘real’ thing in the book … her experiences with meditating and all that happened as a result is worth reading the whole lot of elaborated thoughts.

My personal favorite is the instance when she decides that she will be the silent and sober person rather she thought she will like to act like that and then ironically is given the job to be for meeting all new guests. She is asked to be the key contact person for the new lot to ensure that everyone is taken care of. This brings an abrupt end to her idea of being the silent and sober one but nevertheless she enjoys the experience and realizes her true calling is not being silent but being the catalyst to connect people through her friendly demeanor and multi cultural exposure. This makes her realize that sometimes even we do not know what we are capable of but there is always a bigger scheme of things and there every person has a fixed role.

The fact that sometimes we are bent on doing things just because we think we are made for that and then suddenly things change and we are thrown in to a totally different track and we realize we can only fool ourselves and that supreme power above somewhere knows when we are way off the track and when the course needs to be corrected.

I identify with it completely. No mater how wise we think we are … sometimes we are totally on a tangent and then something or some one just kicks us back in to the right orbit.

Also I realized that the author herself changes during this time … her ramblings which were at the extreme in the first part slow down … she is more focused. Where in the first part she was all over in this part there are strong lines in her thought and writing and thus more clarity for herself and for the reader.

The third part is completely lost I can’t remember much of it … it’s like the open ended thing, where there are no lines and no emotions. For some reasons it just dose not touch or make you want to read anything. It’s almost as if she lost interest and wanted to finish the book somehow. The abrupt end testifies just that.

All in all the book is good and has given me the following

– Made me meditate again … after many years altogether

– Once again ignited the need to seeRome… and travel once more

But it also made me question … for all my independence do I have it in me to travel alone … go out and be on my own … duno have no answers right now

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It all begins with a song

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Once again the bug is biting … to write write and write

 The days are same the nights are same too… what comes in between is changing or rather keeps on changing

 Weekdays are boring and weekends are mostly a mix of hectic and relaxing

 This past weekend was a date with Mohito Chouhano – the new king of melodies and soft romantic humming’s -the weirdo from the land of mountains and lush greens

 In simple words attended Mohit Chauhan concert, who, if had shared one more anecdote of Himachal Pradesh the HP tourism would make him the brand ambassador (or may be he is already one!)

Anyways … it was good …the venue was Sri fort once again … the good ambience, the better managed crowd, the awful coffee and grub looking bhelpuri … the place is fast becoming home to me … with more than 5 -6 concerts in the past couple of months thanks to my sister working in 104 fever fm and hosting Fever Unplugged series 

The songs were good … but the selection could have been a little better or maybe it’s like the sweet addiction the more u have the more you want. Dooba Dooba was best and the first runner up place went to tumse hi from ‘JAB WE MET’ … a musically soothing evening …

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March 11, 2011 1 comment

A few months back … came across some old papers in Aligarh … these were papers from old Diwali Registers.

Some were very old … dating back to 1950’s … the paper was white and almost to the point of tearing out if not handled with care!

The entries were very different in all of them …. Where some were written in brief … some others were way too detailed!

Before you loose interest let me tell what I am talking about … there is a tradition or atleast there use to be a tradition in my family, that every Diwali the entire family would get together, do the Diwali pooja and after that sit down together to write down all the important events of the past year in a register. The events like marriage, birth, death and any other thing considered important would be noted in the ‘Register’ and then all those who were present would sign in it. The register would then be kept back in the cupboard only to be taken out next year.

Over the years people in my family went on doing this … leaving a lot of history behind … of people – of family. In some case some visionary family members have also written about the economic and political situation of the country, prices of basic necessities, any big calamity that might have hit India or any other country! Bad crops good crops feature majorly in all the entries.

But for past few years this tradition got lost somewhere … at least in my house (now the erstwhile family has got scattered all around the world) …

As I was going through some of the papers of these registers of our family history and also history of culture, country and society … I just felt like starting it all over again … and so this time … I intend to start the old age tradition once again … with Holi … and hopefully do it every year in and around Holi.

Some more history needs to be made!

Will keep posted how it goes …

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