God has created all of us with some big plan… we are all playing parts in a big , highly orchestrated, beautifully choreographed play. Though it is not in our hands to change the course of our roles…the least we can do is find out what is it that we are doing and where is it leading us to. Are there any changes that we can bring about…and if yes then how?

The idea is to move above the usual clutter of life.

To understand that life is not just about Bills, Pills & Broken Dils (heart!)

Its much more than that…there is so much that we haven’t done…so many things that we haven’t yet tried…so many places we haven’t been to…and so many arts we haven’t learnt. The list is endless and can go on and on. But its no wish list that I am talking about it’s my life and the various numerous things that I want to do before its too late!

All I want to do is share all that I have stumbled upon with all coz one never know if you and I may be in the same boat without realizing it and if that’s true then why travel alone!

So hang on…you just might find yourself on a trip…that you had always wanted to take…or one that you have already taken and have an itch to guide some others…a trip to unknown…

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