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To write or not too right

What is there to write … still want to write

So much has happened online in the past couple of years that now I really do not know what to write… what’s left to write

There was a time when blogs were not there… Facebook had started off but we were still on Orkut and then suddenly things changed and now not being there in social media (Facebook + Twitter + Linked in + Blog) is considered to be LS … as if you are not part of the mainstream … the current generation! (X, Y or Z… don’t know what that is)

So now back to writing business …with WWW bursting and expanding … to think of writing about anything looks as if it has been done before … by someone … somewhere … And if it has been done and written then what’s the point of doing it again? Unless there is something new to be shared and new to be said there really is no need to go ahead with it …that’s been my thought for some time now.

But then still want to write and be published (even on a blog!)

Let’s just say it gives some satisfaction … something to the soul … hope haven’t lost you already 

But that’s what I feel … have always felt … to write something which comes from my heart and somehow connects with the people out there … it’s the same that happens with any creation … movies… poems … paintings … art … even food. all these just help us express our individual feelings and take it to someone else … that someone else who also may be in the same situation … same phase and may be looking at expressing herself and not finding the right words to do so!

Makes sense … but still as I am writing rite now … words are not coming in a flow … they are coming but only after I mentally switch off the filters that I only have put there. filters that check if what i am saying is rite wrong … doesn’t reveal too much about myself … or show myself either too strong or too week or too confused … is politically rite … shows me as an intelligent writer or a sensitive writer … dose not hurt either my professional or personal partners etc etc. All these are in full control till I tell them to just chill for some time.

But one thing is clear … I am going to keep doing this … writing business… try and look at some stuff from past and some from present … coz I like it.

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