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The saga of a beautiful change

Since time immemorial the make up of my living room was pending … though the intentions were always there but for some reasons it just wasn’t happening! And the walls of the living room along with the basic furniture had succumbed to cribbing and talking negative about me for not giving them any time nor making any increment in their looks … almost like we all do for our jobs!

Now after a week’s running around the furniture shops, handloom houses, tailors and several visits to ATMs I can feel some positivity coming towards me from the adorned walls and newly cushioned chairs. The walls have made friendship with the windows wanting to share the hue of the new curtains which are now beautifully adorning them and the windows want to reciprocate to ensure they get the good view of the beautiful colorful landscapes the walls now have accessorizing them!

If this isn’t for beginning of new relationships, wait till I tell you what the old wood has to say for the new entity that has now joined them. The old chairs seem to have got a new lease of life or as they say a fresh breath of air has come in their life … the pair of the new chairs is nothing less then a pair of handsome suitors for them! They just can’t take their eyes away from them. All they want to do is being paired with them and be the one who matches them with their feminine beauty.

Joining the wood and walls are the doors … they just can’t seem to get enough of the violet curtains which now drape them … with their semi transparent look and style … the doors don’t know what to hide and what to share! They are simply speechless …

Same is the story for the old upholstery … its in awe of the new pieces which are all in different shades of purple and pink and match the soft and glowing light of the tall and lean lamp shade at every step!

There is a different aura to the entire place … at some points screaming power which purple gives while at some places it goes all feminine and soft which pink leaves wherever it has the reach. For me the feeling is a mix one … it heartens me to have such conversations going in my living room … of new hope, of new beginnings, of curiosity, of jealousy, of love! This gives me some more ‘Hope’ that all that we want does come to us even if it seems a little unreachable and highly unrealistic at times. It also reiterates ‘vision is more effective then planning’. But the thought that is surely a winner is ‘nothing comes to us unless we are determined and willing to give every thing we have as the price for what we want to have in our life’.

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