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A few months back … came across some old papers in Aligarh … these were papers from old Diwali Registers.

Some were very old … dating back to 1950’s … the paper was white and almost to the point of tearing out if not handled with care!

The entries were very different in all of them …. Where some were written in brief … some others were way too detailed!

Before you loose interest let me tell what I am talking about … there is a tradition or atleast there use to be a tradition in my family, that every Diwali the entire family would get together, do the Diwali pooja and after that sit down together to write down all the important events of the past year in a register. The events like marriage, birth, death and any other thing considered important would be noted in the ‘Register’ and then all those who were present would sign in it. The register would then be kept back in the cupboard only to be taken out next year.

Over the years people in my family went on doing this … leaving a lot of history behind … of people – of family. In some case some visionary family members have also written about the economic and political situation of the country, prices of basic necessities, any big calamity that might have hit India or any other country! Bad crops good crops feature majorly in all the entries.

But for past few years this tradition got lost somewhere … at least in my house (now the erstwhile family has got scattered all around the world) …

As I was going through some of the papers of these registers of our family history and also history of culture, country and society … I just felt like starting it all over again … and so this time … I intend to start the old age tradition once again … with Holi … and hopefully do it every year in and around Holi.

Some more history needs to be made!

Will keep posted how it goes …

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  1. deekay
    March 21, 2011 at 04:44

    I am reminded of the diaries maintained by successive Phantoms in the Phantom cave…..good luck..hope u can again continue the tradition…

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