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Reverse Brainstorming

If brainstorming wasn’t a big one word… came across a bigger word … reverse brainstorming!

While diving through the World Wide Web, netted another interesting topic/technique/tool… Reverse brainstorming. As per my understanding and thanks to Mind Tools for this  –

Reverse Brainstorming is a tool to be used when one has tried all the possible options and the solutions is still eluding!

If Brainstorming refers to ‘storming of brain’ and hoping to come up with some jewels and pearls and even the mythological pot of nectar as a solution for a problem then reverse brainstorming is just the opposite … brainstorming not to look for solutions but to aggravate the existing problem. To look at various ways in which the current problem can be taken to optimum heights … to the fatal possible limit!

Once some dreadful options have come out of this reverse process, there is a need to look at them and understand their importance. The next step is to reverse these options and see as to how many of them exist currently thereby leading to the problem. The final step is to start working on eliminating them and achieve successful solution.

This sounds interesting and I intend to try it out for some of my long lasting problems!

To know more about Reverse Brainstorming, please visit


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