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I love you papa

Usually, the connect is between mom & son and dad & daughter. Considering that we are 2 sisters our parents had no option but to have no favorites and that’s how it remains till today.

Looking back and comparing with what I see around now-a-days, I think I have had a fairly balanced upbringing with fair doses of warmth, love, rewards and punishments sprinkled with exposure to outer world in moderate amount. And this probably is the sole reason to never feel scared or out of place in most of the situations. The credit largely goes to my mom – for she is a visionary in true sense and much ahead of her times … infact even today I think she is way ahead of me! So I give her the due credit … for all that she is done!

But lately another thought has been nagging me. Its true that my mom acted as the anchor and groomed both of us sisters – but she was able to do so coz my dad gave in his rights of decisions also to her  –  signed off his power of attorney in her name!

Everything that happened had his silent approval or sometimes even disapproval.

Being a silent spectator, he kept standing there … as he does even now.

As I pondered on these lines… a lot of pictures came to my mind … giving a new meaning to all that I saw & thought! And suddenly I looked at my life in a new light and all the things had my dad’s stamp!

For all those years when I thought I was bold – it was his backing and reputation that I was capitalizing on; for all the courage I had to get into unconventional activities – it was his strengths that I was drawing on; for all the acceptance that I received from people around in school and college – it was his high earned social standing that I thrived upon; for managing in all those jobless months – it was his financial support that I survived on.

And all this while I kept waiting for him to stand up and make some announcement or take my side – when the truth is that he was always on my side – with me – as he is now.

From the beginning of the time, we Indians have known how to love and care … what we lack  is the expression of the same … expression of this love, warmth and gratitude even to the closest of people. My dad belongs to that generation when expression is not necessary and not easy … but to me its important and necessary both… so here I am ….

Thanks for accepting me as I am

Thanks for being there for me

Thanks for supporting me in everything

I love you papa

This post is an entry to the BlogAdda contest – Tribute to Dad. Hoping the lucky ones pick up a great gift for their dads from pringoo.com and wishing all the wonderful fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

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