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Watched SATC over the weekend – the movie has quite a lot of things packed together – exotic locales, handsome men, opulent settings, numerous dramatic scenes, adventure – all woven together in the background of the beautiful friendship shared by these four women. The movie is everything that it promised just that all 4 main characters are looking old and in some scenes ugly too!

But I guess one of the messages of the movie is also that though appearances may change, boyfriends may change, husbands may also change … something’s –  friendship – in this case … should not change.

Point taken

My take on the movie – I like the first movie more after seeing this one.

Reason – this one has more of action and less of emotion and bonding. The movie starts well, the build up is also good and does leave one anticipating and asking for more – but then suddenly too many things start happening … all most as if the director realizes that the number of reels left are less and the story left to tell is more. In simple words movie is slow in the first half and very fast in the second half. Also there should be a few more reels for the ‘men’.

Nonetheless its worth watching for the sake of beautiful friendship, underlying tensions in husband wife relationship, the practical reality of parenting, the sparkling chemistry between Carrie and Aidren, the triumph of ultimate faith and commitment to marriage –  essayed by all the characters – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Gaurav (the waiter in the hotel!)  and above all for your love for the tele-series – Sex & the City!

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