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My First Ride in an Office Cab

Yes it does sounds like one of those essays which you dreaded in schools… at least I did!

Since then lots of things have changed … including my understanding of why write essay and also that essay need not be an over comprising, lengthy, full of examples and quotes (though all these do make it interesting !) thing but could just be a small paragraph with actual heart felt feelings – where the basic idea is to feel, express and communicate!

Anyways …

So my first ride in office cab … to give a little background … I have been shifted back to Gurgaon office and as it is a total of 40 kms from my home I was suggested and requested to let go of my car (by family, friends and office colleagues) and instead hail the office cab. The left part of my brain – the evergreen traitor – sided with the idea – with all its favourite tools – reasoning, logical, economical, safe, comfortable etc etc…and I was left with no option but to give in.

Back to present – And hence with misgivings (not knowing exactly where I will get cab) and irritation (of having to get up early) and still in the sleep mode, I got on to this uncalled for, unwanted new journey. I took an auto from my home and reached the spot where I thought and understood I had to reach … promptly before the decided time.

The ‘cab coordinator’ – a patient and easy to talk person – which I judged only through talking … called and confirmed if I am coming and know the place. With a couple of calls … I did manage to hop in the cab.

The ‘cab’ – a Qualis, with 4 other fellow passengers and a driver, was a decent vehicle – thankfully with an a/c and even a music player. Thereby invoking my deep sigh of relief! 

I got into the backseat, which had enough room for me to spread and sit or even to sleep if I could, as I was the only one sitting there. Satisfied with the ‘Cab’ I plugged in my head phones, hoping to cut my mind off from myriad thoughts that keep floating in and out @ speed of light, after being duly introduced to my journey mates.

Now the day seemed to be good, with cloudy weather and light drizzling, manageable traffic … all together letting the distance melt away and making the time just a space on watch and before realizing we reached office … just in time to swipe cards.

Na … I didn’t like that … so let me put it this way…   

Now for the ‘cab journey’ … To begin with the first half of the journey went into accepting the fact that I was no longer the free bird and have to adjust to the back seat and back seat driving … notwithstanding the facts that I had to get up early, had to go brush up the old skill of getting an auto, negotiating with the auto driver, standing at the road side waiting for the cab and then walking some more before getting in the cab. (Some old memories of having traveled similar distances in charter bus came galloping back!) Next few minutes went into understanding the dynamics of the fellow passengers and thus it was only in the last 15-20 minutes that I could give in to the luxury of being driven without driving and this thought together with unfinished sleep did lull me into a power nap of few minutes before reaching our destination.

Now on to my favourite pass time … thinking … Just like that … with a minor shift I became a part of the larger group of people who travel large distances to earn their living. For years I had been seeing people traveling in mornings and evenings on the office cabs – usually the BPO crowd – and I always wondered as to how they managed this day in day out. And now I myself have joined this fraternity … I do not have any answers yet … but I guess by the end of it I will figure out what is it that keeps them going. What is the motivation – is it the job – the quality of work – the scarcity of opportunities – peer pressure – higher salaries – comfort of travel or is it that proverbial circle of trials which one has to go through before emerging as a survivor… an achiever!

Dunno which one is it for me … at the moment all I feel is discomfort … Waste of precious time/effort, loss of physical freedom … and above all loss of the liberty to be able to decide my day on my own!

Still my first office cab ride was not as bad as  I thought/imagined/presumed it would be. Infact on a more realistic note it’s not the journey that I was apprehensive about rather distraught with the fact that this has been imposed on me!

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