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Have been watching this celebrity interview series on Zoom TV – I think it’s called – An encounter with Omar. Till now I have seen three such episodes – one with Rahul Bose, another with Barabaro Mori and the third one with Diya Mirza. I am fan of Rahul Bose and have become a more determined one … Barbara still have to open her account … it’s actually Diya who made me sit back and say wow!

She proved to be an intelligent, patient, sensitive person full of confidence and self-awareness with right mix of wit and sense of humor flavored with lady like gestures. You can watch the interview in the re-runs if you wish to … here are a few things which she said and which I found to be very interesting, true and which can come only through introspection, experience, exposure and tough times!

  • No comparisons – she says that she was compared with her contemporaries in everything they did or she did. People often said that she could have done better had she played her cards well. To all this she kept her chin high and instead of retaliating with more foul words and adding fuel to the fire she sought confidence within herself.

She said “I don’t have to answer all the people… it’s just a chosen few who matter to me and to them I would say that I look at success and achievement in my way. I know what all I have done for myself and for people around me … the very fact that I have been able to bring happiness to some people’s life is my achievement and only I need to know it and I revel in it! Everyone has different parameters and thus there can’t be any comparison between any two people and I refrain from it completely”.

I am happy in what I did and don’t regret any project or movie… for each one of them was there to give me some thing or other thereby making my career and me the person as I am today. All of that I have done till now has contributed in some or the other way and thus all of it was a learning.

  • Look at things from a distance –On being asked as to how has she been able to stay above all the controversies which are a part and parcel of the glamour industry, she said that she never lets anything affect her in any which way.

Further she said that any thing becomes big and scandalizing only if we make it look like that… if we do not fret about it, talk about it or make fuss about it … it will not become big. Only when we make some thing an issue does the world also look at it like that! So it’s better to let things flow in their own way and not obstruct. And for doing that the only way is to look at things from a distance… as we become so engrossed in issues and try and solve them out … we become a party to magnifying it. So the best way out is to segregate oneself from the issue/problem once in a while … get yourself perched on a higher branch and then look at it. There are chances that one might not be able to see the issue or realise how small it is in comparison to the bigger picture. This realization in itself is good enough to stop the agonizing process of suffering while sorting it out. So the key is to look at problems from a distance and detach from them at least partly if not completely and see how they become insignificant or non –consequential.

Interesting … that’s the only qualifier I can think of at the moment!!!

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