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April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Just shifted house and with the old house left back some other things as well … including the beds!

And so it was time to buy a new set of beds!

After a series of discussions, plethora of options, window shopping for a week in multitude markets, we finally settled on a set of single beds for our bedroom.

Two single beds with inbuilt boxes!

They finally arrived today morning…finally coz they had arrived two weeks back also but with flaws all over leaving us in a rather disappointing state. Disappointment, which was further aggravated as the shop owner, who had not yet awakened to the ‘Customer is king’ philosophy, insisted that he and his staff were right and that it was our fault. We did not clearly specify what we wanted. This left us with no options but to accept the only solution he gave – to get another set of bed from him. (We had already seen another pair of beds in a neighboring shop and had even decided the colours of curtains to go with it!)

Anyways … it was relief … when this new set of bed arrived today … without any flaws … at least to the naked eye and the cursory glance!

After the usual flurry and activity which happens whenever anything new comes in – a few things dawned on me.

Once again adjustments would have to be made – for the TV, for the small breakfast cum study table, for the bean bag lying too leisurely etc!

Other then these cosmetic changes there would be some more changes too.

Having a bed means we will have to give away the luxury of sleeping on floor…which is nothing but a feeling of freaky freedom… a reminiscent of the college times when the room could look anything from a sports bar to a pop music studio! Having a bed also would mean that things would become more systematic … the bed suddenly gives an organised look to the room… it takes away the liberty of shifting the mattress in any direction as and when needed. Now there would have to be a proper place for books… pens… papers…TV remote … AC remote… all of which earlier could be found anywhere in the vicinity of the person lying on the mattress! One more major change would be no longer walking around bare footed!

Small things and quite trivial but yet all attached with a feeling of liberation …  of living the hippie way –  not controlled by any external factor –  of being one’s own mentor and molding one’s life according to none other then one’s own self!

So though the new things (bed in this case) do bring in order and lend an organised form to life but in the process also take away the high feeling of being on our own, of freedom, of finding way among the chaos… Of living life the bohemian way!!!

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