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MBA Reunion – Class of 2001

Though it was just another party or get together… but there was something so special… almost magical about it … for it was meeting up with people whom we had not seen in almost 9 years … the very same people with whom we use to spend better half of the day … crack jokes … have fun… study together. And not forgetting, fight too… with self demarcated groups!!!

Meeting them after a gap of almost a decade was fun in its own … but let me start at the start … the idea of reunion… though in everyone’s mind actually came into being when someone thought aloud and gave the first impetus to me and Sums! Bas phir kya tha… hemein jo spark chahiye tha wo mil gaya! And then with the help of networking both online and offline … we managed to get the idea floated to all and one.

Now must confess that had not expected so many people would actually take it up and would be equally smitten with the idea. For as they say that time and distance does create space…

But it was not so in the case of class of MBA 2001… and so started the to and fro of e-mails and all other forms of communication among people who had not met and spoken for considerable time period, which includes me … I spoke to Faraz, Sharique, Naved, Hafeez, Faiz after almost a decade…!!! Anyways so the ball started rolling and after few online discussions and offline support the day and date were finalised. With some more discussions and exploration the venue also got decided… and hence we were all set for the REUNION.

Now I have been to many parties and I am sure so have you … n no matter what, people do follow the IST… Indian Standard Time of reaching in …but must say this was one exception! Within half hour of the said time … almost all those who said would come had come …!

And what a treat the Reunion was … but before that …let me describe the venue also  –  with an apt name – ‘Three Stories’  it was quite a feast for eye … immaculate white … with no spots of darkness symbolizing no doubts or differences of past … almost like a new white canvas… waiting to be painted with new colors! It was pretty good – elegant and beautiful for white is one color that does make everything special, serene and calm!

 So with a white canvas and old memories to cherish we met there … it was a little slow in the beginning coz all of us were meeting after a long gap … a gap which has been filled in with a lot of things, people, relationships etc. People greeted each other a little cautiously, not knowing if the person on the other side is same as they remember from past or has changed with time. Dunno if others felt so … I did.

Then started a round of formal introductions … everyone came around… identified himself/herself (some with their roll numbers!) and formally introduced their life partners and their children. This proved to be an excellent ice breaker… as by the time the second or the third person came in…the entire atmosphere had changed. It felt like being back in the lecture theatre on the first floor, chitchatting, and shouting among ourselves before Kaleem sir would come and start his famous Chiragh Deen example!

So the introductions went on and with each passing one the pace picked up … no one was spared…no issue was spared… from stories of cheating in exams to husbands not remembering how old were their kids to Faraz copying PT to Hamid cracking his overtly simple every day jokes to asking singles when they intend to change the status (yes…!!!) it was total masti and fun. Hilarious…funny…amazing…I am out of words! As Shahab said, “If I am enjoying it so much then can imagine how much you guys would be loving it!”

This went on for some time … the funniest was Faraz carrying his wife in Wallet and his baby in mobile!

All this made the cautious feeling disappear … for people realised that nothing much has changed …that people might have become experts or professionals … or they might have grown fat or lost hair (!) … or have kids running around vying for attention … they have not changed. It was such a relief which all most everyone felt that not everything changes.

I can’t remember who it was Nitin or Mohit…one of the two… who said … that no one has changed… and I remember replying that its just that the ones who haven’t changed are the ones who have come!

The party went on till almost midnight … and even then people didn’t want to leave … coz everyone knew that next time was pretty far… and to make the best of it now is the way. Phone numbers were exchanged … promises were made to keep in touch … infact an idea was floated to have next reunion in Dubai and not wait for another decade!

Dunno what future holds…how many relationships would flourish… how many people will keep in touch but the Evening of 6th March 2010 at the ‘Three Stories’ was magical … when fourteen students of MBA 2001 met again … when past didn’t matter … when future looked warm … when everything was ‘perfect’ … in balance ….

… well almost perfect…except for the white table which we broke… yes we broke a table … proof enough of the excitement and euphoria for all those missed it …!!!

The story continued for me, Sums and Nads … as we headed for coffee at the IIT Hostel…where we sat under the stars in the comfortably chilly wind … trying to prolong the reunion… talking some more … reminiscing those long chats in the department … just trying to get more out of the precious time that life has doled out to us … A perfect ending to a perfect day!

To Faiz, Faraz, Atif, Naved, Sharique, Mohit, Azeem, Hamid…I loved your daughter… would say it was good catching up and I hope we remain in touch!

To Faisal, Nadeem, Nitin, Shehla, I want to say … lets continue to keep in touch… increase the frequency!

To Sums I don’t have to say anything … we’ll always be together!

To Sameer, Yasser, Shagufta, Hafeez, Fakhir, Hasrat, Asad and Shabana…you were missed sorely! (Shabana was not with us in MBA … but can’t not remember her when I think of MBA)

A special thanks to Facebook !!!

  1. saloniz
    March 14, 2010 at 10:57

    By Yasser Mahfooz…
    yaar dont write so well. will start hating the conference I went to attend. Although I was far down south, but believe me you all were missed. Lets take this reunion as the preparatory for the one which can be held next year; on a grander scale… and which will truly mark the decade long association which we all had, and will have in the days to come

  2. saloniz
    March 14, 2010 at 10:58

    By Shahab Khan
    Excellent write up Sals…. keep on posting more

  3. saloniz
    March 14, 2010 at 10:58

    By Mohammed Nadeem Kazmi
    Great Nostalgic writing Sals…Now with ur words I had Re- Njoyd the re-union again . i have had gr8 un-forgottable association with IIT campus (2004-2005) i lived there for two long yrs n what a note to end the re-union..long drive, Coffee at 1:00 am with two dear old frens, under the sky inside the most happening campus of India. Thanks Sals for such a lovely initiative

  4. saloniz
    March 14, 2010 at 10:59

    By Sumbul Raza

    Sals : This is especially 4 u!

    Someday many years from now
    We’ll sit beside the candles glow
    Exchanging tales about our past… See More
    And laughing as the memories flow
    And when that distant day arrives
    I know it will be understood
    That friendship is the key to live
    And we were friends and it was good.

    Dont we do it each time we meet?!!

  5. saloniz
    March 14, 2010 at 10:59

    By Shariq Nizami
    Hats off !!! U r amazing yaar !! No words that I know can do justice if I would try to praise your write up. Words are not just words they are emotions flowing out of you pen….oops keyboard 🙂

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