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Going back to the roots…

Since Sunday I have been feeling rather clueless and listless!!!

First I tried attributing it to the monotony…a closer look at my social and professional diary and I knew that wasn’t the reason … but there was still something that was not making sense … something that was missing … kuch tha jo nahin tha…!!!

I did some soul searching but the answer was null infact there were no sounds … the heart was as silent as possible and was not even giving me those feeble sounds which it usually makes all the time telling me either to do something or not do something. Alarming I must say, for my heart is one of those non stop talkative persons whom I have to silence by counting backwards…as nothing else is sufficient to distract its attention.

Had this continued it would have become difficult to keep up the charade of every day life … so it was a relief when Sums stepped in … a friend forever … she knew what it was coz she herself was going through it … a listless feeling of being out of synch with the motion of life. And together we figured out the syndrome which was affecting us – the syndrome of feeling lost after finishing something which we have been so looking forward to … something we have been talking about … something we have been preparing for … something which we successfully carried on… something which was no longer there!!!

It was about the MBA Reunion!

The idea was floated by someone … followed by someone else… executed by yet some others and enjoyed by all!

Usually such activities take a lot of time and planning … I myself know of some groups which have been planning to have a reunion but haven’t managed to since things were just not working out … due to many reasons!

So in view of these experiences and observations I had not much hope! But the optimist that I am …  who can’t let go of hope till the last minute and second … didn’t let all these things worry and with hope and anticipation went on with the idea.

Reunion was planned … day and date was decided … with details of the venue added later on. And finally the day came in. It went on smoothly … with no hitches at all … without any speed breaks of any kind… everything was in tandem… rightly balanced … almost touching the perfection!

People met and enjoyed every moment of it … cherishing old memories and in the process making new ones…

The anticipation fell off on the positive side … caution was thrown off to the air and it was like being back in the classroom with no worries and no responsibilities. Everything went off very well leaving no room for doubts and differences…

The Reunion party ended with the day … but for me it continued for some more time … it brought back memories of what seems long forgotten time … of all that we learnt in MBA… of my first brush with corporate thinking (though it has changed several times since then)… trailers of what I can now label as professional rivalry…then those ego issues leading to groups and consequent manipulations and extreme groupism…not forgetting the eternal underdogs…some of whom have risen just like the phoenix!

Many more memories … of the Management Fest – Assas… the Fete … the Sine Die… the summer training… Group discussions… reading QA in seminar…the murder mystery game… all came rushing back!

And going backward I came to the my very first memory of MBA… of my group discussion round… don’t remember what the topic was but do remember that the watch in the computer lab was stuck at 5 o’clock when it was actually afternoon… sometimes I feel that no matter how far we go ahead but some things do get stuck and it is these things that make us go back to our roots time and again and give us the strength to keep moving ahead… reunion was just like that … making me go back in the past … and feeling reassured … that aal izz bell and now everything is again in balance… in tandem… with all lists once again valid and all clues back in place!  

To know what happened in Reunion … read on…

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