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Break away from the routine

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

There hasn’t been anything to write … nothing good enough to motivate or inspire to write for long time now. I dunno if I have run out of words … pages or feelings had dried out! But something must have broken the monotony … inspired me enough to write and so I am here. Without diving too deep into this deliberation I ll just focus on the recent summit I attended … something which has given me food for thought and words to write about.

I usually find the summits/conferences boring as they are usually one way conversation and there is no real communication. People talk a lot without giving any attention if all that they are saying is striking a chord with the audience… sometimes to the extent that all discussions are miles away from the theme and expectations! As I understand (and I am still a learner!) these conference and summits are gatherings where famous people come together and showcase all that has been incubating in their cells (grey!!!) while they were sitting in their small isolated nests (coveted positions) perched on the highest possible branches of the socialized world (read BIG corporate and educational institutions). Summits to them are coming down to the reality level and see if there ideas get respected and accepted…in some cases its also about free trips to their native places or a paid holiday trip!!!

This summit was same. But just as always happens there were some wanderers who wanted to break away from the mundane and blow their own trumpet even at the cost of sounding nerd. Now sounding nerd is not bad – it just requires courage!!!

And to my surprise there were quite a few nerds in this summit!

The discussion was around education – challenges, opportunities, options, variables, parameters, collaboration and the take of the corporate and the educational world on these. Speakers were from some of the best set ups and had varied experiences most of the times at loggerhead with each other which is usually the case. But surprisingly, when I looked at the entire event in totality it was not very difficult to summaries all such varied speeches, interaction and deliberations. Looking at the canvas of the summit I realized that all (ok… almost all of them) were talking the same language … looking in the same direction and aiming for same outputs. This is no ordinary feat!

Infact all that they said could be put together in a set of few simple doable practical pointers –

  • Don’t let routine set in
  • Be innovative
  • Be flexible
  • Be competitive
  • Be accountable
  • Take ownership
  • Least possible check points
  • Give chance to new things/new ideas

Asking for a feedback at the end of the summit, a management student aptly summarized “the summit echoes all that Rancho had proposed, prescribed and used in the movie ‘3 Idiots’!”