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When was the last time you felt happy like crazy???

It was … …

Can’t remember … uh…even I couldn’t remember! It’s funny… because we keep telling everyone, that we are enjoying ourselves and are living life up to the brim.

Ya… go ahead, say, “ But Yes I have been living life in a great way, doing what I want, being where I want, buying things, spending money, going to places where I had wanted to. It is not at all bad, infact its good, there have been fewer depressions, have had a positive outlook, & am definitely not getting bowed down by problems. This is all going good…”

My question is then why can’t you cite even one or two experiences, when you were happy?

Well, the reason is simple. We confuse happiness with Success.

You have had happy times all the way…but the sense of achievement is missing – there is no satisfaction of having reached there… of having done that.

Though there may be other reasons also, like may be you don’t consider your job good enough or you are not satisfied with your personal life or you think you are being cheated by someone close… all these are nagging doubts & they do lead you to dissatisfaction.

You feel no sense of achievement; no feeling of success – the kind you felt when you got selected for MBA or IIT or when you managed the college skit single handedly or when you finished your summer project.

These had given a feeling of being great & reaching a point, at a coveted position. It is usually this that we define as the happiest moment…the moment when something came through successfully or when we received some thing in totality or when something happened out of the way.

That’s how it is… but then you can’t be having this kind of experiences everyday…what you feel now is only a moment of joy at having done something and then you get busy with a lot of other things happening around you.

So it’s not that you are not happy….its just that life after some time acquires a more or less straight path and then there are some high points & some low ones. This is the reason why people keep doing something or the other to keep themselves from feeling static. Because when you are moving in a straight line, after sometime the movement begins to look dull & null and you crave to have some action.

This is what is happening, so it’s not necessary that the problem is with your job or marriage or anything else…it’s just that you are moving in a straight line with rhythmic movement. This is pretty normal and boring too causing you unhappiness and no satisfaction.

A lot of people feel restless at this stage… they want to break through the normal and do something else but then they are the one who chose this life and thus there is no running away.

Marriage is one such example – it is a big thing and for many months before marriage everything revolves around it and once the event has happened… everything suddenly stops… rendering a fast moving boat absolutely static. It is then that people feel lethargic, bored and in some cases depressed also. For the event has occurred, goal has been achieved.

In such situations all you can do is keep your calm and go along with your daily work. Bring changes in your life – minor changes and see everything changing. One and only one way of warding off this boredom and making life active again is to keep picking up something new after every few months or so… now here I am not referring to new relationships or new clothes … though these two do help!

I mean pick up some new activity… like maybe a dance class… or art appreciation class… or make any sport a routine- like maybe cricket every second Saturday!

If u think u can listen (I know all men nodding..!) then why not spend an hour a month in an old age home… you can even collect old books and magazines and donate them to an orphanage or old age home.

Blood Donation is one such activity that can be taken up on a regular basis… or may be enroll as a volunteer in the nearest non formal education centre / school.

If u have a technical expertise such as … if u r a defense person in Army, Navy or Airforce… u can speak to your child’s school or any other school and take one session introducing them to your line of work. The same goes for an engineer, doctor, lawyer, banker, sales professional … there is always a lot to learn from experiences and the children need real role models also.

You might be knowing some old people living in your neighborhood who may benefit if you can help in sorting out their tax matters or making them understand their mutual funds.

Get attached to some NGO … n actually do something rather than just writing a cheque for the tax purposes and for relieving yourself from the guilt.

All these are small things… do not require much time… and get finished in one go … most of the time.

They can add to your sense of success and achievement and also give you some time away from the regular mumbo jumbo of mess called life… distracting you from the chaos and in the process helping in understanding this chaos better… and will also help you in respecting your own choices and decisions making them look attractive and appealing once again.

And so next time when the question comes … your happiest moment … you ll ask to change moment to momentS!

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  1. Smita
    September 14, 2009 at 05:35

    It is so damn true…but the fact is that all of us aware of these things yet we find it difficult to adapt and accept it and change our way of thinking

  1. September 21, 2010 at 12:38

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