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Barrique, Gurgaon

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Barrique is an interesting looking place tucked in one of the giant new age high tech looking building of Gurgaon, the DLF Cyber City, Phase 3.

For those who knew where F Bar was initially launched and celebrated before it was shifted to Ashoka, Barrique is perched right across the place and is still there!

The place has good ambiance…and the first thing that caught my eyes was a stack of wine bottles kept as they would be in a wine house or a cellar! Peeping from behind the stack was surely a little well meant mysticism.

Moving further in we were met with smiling stewards…yes… not the usual drag faces.

Since we went for lunch .. the place was empty but for 2 small groups.. but the place became more alive during our stay there as 2 big corporate groups joined in.

Anyways Me and my sister were both very hungry so we grabbed the menu and looked for probable hunt for the day. Not in a mood for Non-veg and any thing elaborate we settled in for Penne Arrabiata and Red Thai curry.

While the chef would be deliberating over our choice and his/her cooking strategy we whiled away the time by chatting and looking around the place.

The seating area is good enough to accommodate somewhere between 40 -50 people,  with neatly laid out tables & comfortable chairs all spread in a way to give some space to all the guests and yet not give a crowded appearance. The lighting was dim and the long windows on one side gave the place a nice cosy yet corporate look.

Anyways our food came in the promised 10 minutes and it was wow. Atleast the Thai curry can get the full marks with distinctions… the curry was cooked right with correct mix of ingredients.

Now I am more of a smell kind of person … for me any dish has to smell good for it to taste good… and so the thai dish passed wonderfully as the fragrance was truly authentically Thai.

The other dish was Penne Arrabiata … it had penne cooked in red hot chilli sauce with a tangy taste for the taste buds. Two slices of crisp Garlic Bread accompanied the pasta and as ever helped in savoring the last drops of pasta sauce after the penne was finished.

The serving for both the dishes was good enough for one person each and reasonable on the pocket too…

All in all a good place to have good food.

And if that’s not enough, the place has some other charms also… i was informed later on.. it has live music on Wednesdays and that some of its mock tails are better then cocktails!!!

Oh n by the way did i tell u that Barrique is a actually a French word which means barrel full of wines!!!