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Kasauli yet again…

Ok I have written enough about Kasauli and you have all got either bored of it or a little zealous or have added it on to your travel list or a have become little wishful… but hang on … there is still some more left to tell!!!

And being a foodie it has all to do with yummy delicious mouth watering dishes…

As said earlier, Kasauli is a small city and as such has very few eating places… barring the elegant restaurant at the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Hotel it is more of a Momo and noodles place!

But there is one place here which if missed would be a loss … to your taste buds.

The place is a small shop called ‘Daily Needs’… bang opposite to the gate of the hotel R. Maidens and sells everything from fruit juice to ice cream to band aids to local wine. But its specialty is something else … which we discovered by chance… the place serves amazing ‘Mint Kebabs’ … cut into rings shelled out with hot red sauce. The kebabs are mind blowing and certainly leave you asking for more. (we ordered two servings on the second day)

They also make various kinds of sandwiches and burgers and have been doing so for … guess what … eighty nine years… yes 89 yrs. The shop is 89 years old and would be completing its 100 years in 2020!!! Currently it is being managed by the fourth generation of the family and seems to be going pretty strong. In the honour of the kebabs, I’ll like to remember it as ‘Kebabs- a Daily Need’

In our malls shops change with seasons so it was quite an experience to see that at same places things still last forever!

Olrite now done with Kasauli (for time being … !!!) and over to yet another place which left us with a taste to remember.

On our way back, we came across a small roadside dhaba… very close to the ‘Hanging Mc Donalds’ near Dharampur.

This dhaba was a small non-descript place with nothing fancy… in fact it was pretty bare minimum standards but the food was simply delicious. The menu is restricted … it serves only Razma rice, Chole Rice and Mutton curry rice!

We ordered one Razma rice and one Mutton curry rice and were served both the dishes in a piping hot state… with steam coming out of them.

Both the preparations were simply amazing and could compare (and excel!) with any fine dining restaurant. The mutton curry was just perfect – spicy hot and the rice was fresh and rightly cooked. Giving the credit to Mutton Curry rice I ll like to call it the ‘Mutton Curry Dhaba’

In toto we had an amazing lunch at throw away prices … once again confirming my view that all good things don’t come at a price!

  1. Sonali
    July 29, 2009 at 14:37

    try Staying here next time


    Am serious u’ll just love the experience …its 5 -7 mins walkin distance from daily needs

    • saloniz
      July 29, 2009 at 14:41

      Thanks Sonali… will try it the next time.

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