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Hanging Mc Donald

On the way to Kasauli I came across a food joint… a rather common site for all metros. But there was nothing common about the Mc Donald which I saw near Dharampur.

We had had a Punjabi breakfast – Paranthas at Murthal in the morning and were looking for something to make us active again by noon. But we were in two minds – whether to stop somewhere in between and eat or eat when we stop in Kasauli. We were still wondering when we saw a familiar logo…Mc Donald. Now I know u must be thinking that I have gone nuts … going gaga over Mc Donald… but wait till u hear what I saw.

The Mc Donald here is same from inside but it is not on a plain surface rather is hanging in between two hill sides … on an old style bridge, with arches and no pillar in between, which is connecting the two parts of a mountain, with water flowing beneath it. Try remembering the video of Marc Antony’s song ‘Deep Blue Skies’ and you’ll get a view of the bridge I am talking about!

Green Mc Donald

Green Mc Donald

We can also call it a green Donald as there is a lush green garden just underneath the place maintained by the joint.

It was a treat for eyes and of course the steaming hot coffee and the French fries added the right flavor. A perfect setting for a day out… in our case enhanced further by the drizzling rain which followed us all the way back and forth.

I would like to call it the Hanging Mc Donalds…which was feast both for our stomach and eyes…it would be good to just sit and spend some time there gazing out….or reading a book…sipping coffee!!!

Some facts

Mc Donalds is very close to Dharampur and can be missed only if you are sleeping which would be a crime in itself on such a route.

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