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A social networking site for senior Indians

Times have changed and age is no longer a deterrent for anything!

At an age when earlier people thought of retiring, going on honeymoon is becoming a fashion.

I came across something similar in a mail some time back…

We are all part of Facebook,Orkut, Linked In, etc etc…the social networking sites…but what i stumbled upon is something different.

A social networking site for senior Indians (aged 55 years and above)!!!

It is run by an organisation called Verdurez.

The website http://www.verdurez.com offers senior citizens opportunity to network with like-minded people through forums, groups, regular discussions, blogs, chat room and book club and it has members from India and NRIs from Europe, North America, Middle East and Australasia.

These members have come together to be together, share and have some good time and also if possible to find work post retirement. Their reasons to continue working are primarily non-financial.

The site has active members in the following locations:

New Delhi

This seems pretty interesting, enterprising and daring too!

So hats off to all those involved in this and a bigĀ  salute to all the members who though have fulfilled their responsibilities and duties but still wanna contribute more!

People who may want to take their services (any NGOs/companies etc ) can get in touch at info@verdurez.com and visit http://www.verdurez.com

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