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The three men I have fallen in love with

Was watching IIFA… finally after more than a month of seeing the glimpses here and there…got to see the full thing though it was also edited… but still Rithik looked cool enough!

So were Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani etc etc.

They were all dressed in black the official colour of all the award functions and oh my they all looked mind boggling, amazing (those who saw the IIFA would know these adjectives and those who didn’t will get to see it for the channels make the money out of reruns!)

But out of the whole lot of the guys there were just three guys who stood out of the rest… way above the crowd and I fell in love once again with all three of them!!!

in no order for there is no order for them and I for sure cant put them in any ranking…so…here they are…the best three …

Mr. Amitabh Bacchan… the eternal smart handsome guy…one of the most romantic guy… who can woo any one with his impeccable manners, extensive knowledge, variety of talents, ability to mix with all ages, non judgmental attitude and above all the rock steady yet sensuous voice!

I can never get out of my infatuation with him in Sharaabi…his formal dressing, the semi drunk stage and the casual yet clear dialogues…

or with Neela Aasman sung in his deep voice with emotions playing on each and every word…

or with his ever green forever lasting romantic dialogue ‘Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein yeh khayal aata hai…

Mr. Rithik Roshan… the boy next door who changed into this hot looking Greek God…with acting skills to match…his commitment to work, family, friends  –  a complete man!

I didn’t like him in his early movies … but what he did in Dhoom 2 was amazing…his looks could put any one to shame… there is something about his eyes which compels all to wait and watch what he is just about to deliver an almost always perfect act.

Mr. Rahul Bose… what to say about him… the silent one … believes firmly in “actions speak louder than words”…once again a multi talented guy…acting, writing, sports and social activist…a package worth exploring…

His fame might have come from movies like Mr. & Mrs. Iyyer but to me he is always going to be Sid…Siddharth… who just doesn’t understand the need to get married so what if he has been committed for 3 years or so…the eternal bachelor character played in Pyar Ke Side Effects…one of the characters which cant be more closer to reality … and essayed more perfectly by Mr. Bose…

What adds on is his sensitivity towards the social causes… be it environment or education… the man is ready to pull on his socks and play along and fight every inch for the cause… n I love him just for that!

The awesome three

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