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Woman vs Woman

Woman vs Woman

Woman vs Woman

Scores of women have been fighting for women liberation for centuries; millions have faced the brunt of physical and mental harassment and violence; thousands have given their entire lives for equality of status and liberty of speech, movement and choice.

Optimistic that I am, I do believe that things have changed, if not completely but still to quite an extent. At least in cities, girls have gained a better status, freedom of choosing their career, life partner and leading a socially and economically independent life. Some people might not agree with me but this is my experience and this is what I see in my neighborhood, my friend circle and my family.

The truth is times have changed and more importance is being given by parents, together with series of schemes by the government, to promote the girl child in the rural India also.

But … yes there is always a but… and this is not JLO s butt, but a serious thinking but which will take you to the point that I want to make today!

Today when people have started taking notice of the female power and have started respecting her for her endurance, patience and courage together with her soft female qualities … there is one section of the society which is trying to pull her down. One section which still thinks that a women can only do certain jobs … that she is fit only for a particular set of activities! They not only think so but also make it evident at any available opportunity. They do not leave a single chance of proving how irresponsible, incompetent and unfit a woman is.

Any guesses… no … u can’t… coz it’s none other than the woman herself!

Yes … more often than man, it’s a woman who finds faults with woman. She does not leave a single opportunity to prove that she is better than the other one, that she can do the job better or that she is more fit for the work at hand. In fact she highlights all the faults, makes an issue out of them, creates a scene and leaves the victim feeling wretched and worthless!

All of you must have seen this kind of a person as a boss, colleague, mother in law, sister in law, sister, interfering neighbor, boss’s wife, or a woman crossing the road.

In fact it was ‘a woman crossing the road’ that made me write this one … Just a while back I was in Green Park Market parking my car and this evidently new parking guy who didn’t know what to do made me back the car thrice and still I almost rammed in to a bike with a bullion passenger. Now though it wasn’t my fault, but still as I thought that I might have hurt someone so I said sorry. The moment the bullion passenger – a lady– saw that a woman was driving the car she didn’t even bother to think if it was my fault or not she just said to the parking guy … “Ladies drivers’ ke saath be extra careful … they are bad”. Period. A generalization yes… but it hurts more when it comes from another woman.

I mean was there really a need to generalize it… I would have been fine if she had said that I was a bad driver but no she went ahead and commented on gender. Why do we do this … why can’t we be less critical and less judgmental?

I was watching this daily soap serial on one of the channels and there was this apt dialogue by one of the female stars to a male star…“when a guy starts progressing all make way for him … but when a girl starts progressing all pull her down”

My problem is that why do girls pull girls down? Why can’t a mother in law be happy when the daughter in law keeps the house clean and makes good food for the son? Why can’t a sister be happy for brother when his wife takes good care of him? Why cant woman neighbors become good friends? Why can’t girl colleagues become good buddies? Why can’t we support each other … why do we keep fighting?

It’s not as if all of us are aiming for same thing and hence the jealousy or hatred. As the spiritual gurus say that there is abundance in all that we want then why such mean behavior… why this urge to pull down the other? Why not try and climb higher and set higher benchmarks? Why not discover new ways of attaining the success and let others go the same way?

And until we the fairer sex realize this and come out of this blame game no amounts of schemes would be able to help us. There are still some places in our country where newly born girl childs are killed, where girls are seen as a blemish on the family name, a burden on the family. We are still far from stopping or changing all this… but we can at least start respecting all the women that we come across. We can begin with giving them their due for their achievements and success. We can help them by being more considerate, caring and loving and above all making them    feel that they are not alone and that we are all together and it’s only then that we might be able to save the others who still face the danger of survival also.

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  1. Nandini Prasad
    June 4, 2009 at 04:53

    Often it is patriarchy speaking. Women, who are so subjugated by patriarchy and cannot think independently will often make these comments. They are trying desperately to be accepted in a “man’s world” – being more male than the male. Instead of always blaming them we should actually feel sorry for them, that they are only parroting thoughts that have been passed on to them.

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