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Karmic Connection

June 17, 2009 4 comments

I cried and cried and didn’t know what more to do…

After reading the article about the survivors of the bomb blast victims, tears just didn’t stop. The restlessness, helplessness was so acute that the thought never left me.

It was one of those moments which compels one to do something and not just sit, crib or cry!!!

So I did some research, got in touch with the Journalist who wrote the article and through her got connected with another person who had some details. This person appeared to be yet another shop keeper but as it turned out was much more than that … he was a conscientious, active member of the society who had taken upon himself to help the unfortunate and less privileged.

Mr. Ashok Randhawa has a shop in Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi and is himself a survivor of the Delhi Bomb Blasts of October 2005. But as is the case with most of us he didn’t let this horrific event become a deterrent, instead he took it as a challenge and a thought provoking incident. He began his journey towards helping all those who were affected by the blasts. He collected the necessary information from the Government Authorities and made efforts to ensure that all the survivors and the families of the victims at least get what is due to them monetarily. Since then he has been continuously working towards this end and has helped many a victims and survivors in Delhi and outside.

Through Mr. Randhawa I collected information about some of the affected families (featured in article). After gathering this information and underlining the needs of the families, started looking for some kind of support – in kind and cash for them.

It was a moment of excitement when, with the help of my official contacts, I was able to connect the need with the resources. Shikhar, an NGO came forward and took the responsibility of the education of the affected kids.

Manisha and Mr. Ashok Ranndhawa (Left)

Manisha and Mr. Ashok Ranndhawa (Left)

After due diligence and need assessment, six kids were chosen and Shikhar has pledged to support their education. The first installment of the support was handed over to these kids in an event organised to felicitate the Heros of the Terror Attacks on 28th March 2009.

That was also the first time that I met Manisha, 13 year daughter of Michael and Sunita. Manisha lost both her parents and her brother in the 2005 Sarojini Nagar blast. She stays with her Grandparents and is not their only hope but also the strength of pillar for them.

Because of the event going on, I could not talk to her but seeing her there… all decked up like any other teenager oozing out the confidence uncommon at her age… I felt connected with her… the same connection which I felt when I read that article in the newspaper…and felt the need to do something for her and for others like her.

This couldn’t have happened with out the support of my colleague Ms. Ananya Datta, the journalist Neelam Raj, Nadeem at Shikhar among some others… thanks guys for your help and assistance!

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