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Going Home via DND Flyover

Highway all decked up!

Highway all decked up!

Just came back after meeting a friend! Was meeting her after a long while and so while we were catching up on all the gossip the time just flew away. She lives in Lajpat Nagar(LN) and so while coming back I took the DND flyover. For the non-Delhites…DND is the toll road that connects Delhi with NOIDA and though every time one goes through it, a toll has to be paid but it’s worth it. The road is excellent and the traffic is manageable! Anyways, so before u think that I have joined the management of DND or a PR company promoting DND let me come to the point. The point is that the monsoon seems to be here… though it in itself seems to be in two minds…‘to be or not to be’ with the kind of ‘now u see now u don’t drizzling & rain’… but officially pre–monsoon is here!

So just as I was leaving from LN, it was again there…trying to make its presence felt … though very modest but still liberating – the wind…tiny droplets…brightly lit sky…all together quite a performance. It was like a symphony … the clouds making a thunderous rhythmic sound, lightening striking at the end of each stanza and the wind providing the chorus all along!

And if that was enough I saw something else which left me breathless! While driving towards Noida just before the bridge over Yamuna River I looked towards the right side and hello what I see there is multiple rows of lighted twinkling ‘Diyas’… yes Diyas in different colours against a pitch black backdrop … all put together in rows one above the other reminding me of the numerous pictures of the evening Aarti at Haridwar… when several Diyas are lit together and left to find their way in the pious river Ganges! (I haven’t seen it myself and hence the reference is pictures…)

Now you must be wondering what it was that I saw…well the Diyas were nothing but the faint light coming from the flats on the banks of Yamuna… and since these flats are made in symmetry all were showing me their same side with similar kind of bulbs. But believe me they did look like someone had put them there one after the other just as we do at Diwali!

Weather was still cool as I parked my car in front of my house…but I was wondering wouldn’t it have been good if I could have parked my car somewhere on the edge of the flyover and then taken a winding road going down to the shores of the river and also that it wasn’t actually a river rather a sea which could have brought some distant ships to our shores for business and the exotic spices and that would have been the beginning of a new era just like it happened centuries ago!!!

On a more somber note … the authorities can think about developing some area near the river into a picnic spot and open it for public to go and enjoy such good weather. Any open area is always welcome in this city of closed quarters.

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