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An Oasis

These following verses are dedicated to the Golden Temple, I wrote them on my way back from Amritsar.

An Oasis

The traffic is buzzing at one end

The cars are running at the other end

The executives are running the time race

The kids are also trying to keep up the pace

In short the life is going past

No one would deny it’s too fast

And in midst of all

I found a place

Where life flows

Where peace stays

Where mind calms

A place where meditation is instant

And connection with God is constant

A place called GOLDEN TEMPLE

The colour of gold symbolizes heart

Full of desires whether its finish or start

And then there is the water

Calm & serene & forever flowing

Similar to our soul which is always glowing

The people may say whatever

But for me it is the Water

Which has soaked in the divinity

And will give the soothing effect till eternity

But as the trend is

It’s a complete package

For the soul & the heart

And it’s worth a visit

If you want your real journey to start…

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  1. Tarang
    May 25, 2009 at 09:29

    U r making me desperate to visti Golden temple again……

    Lets plan soon…………

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