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In conversation with Socrates

Future ages will wonder at us as the present age wonders at us!!!

A Greek saying written some three thousand years ago, but stands as true as ever. Greek Civilization has left some remarkable imprints of their existence. These are masterpieces and continue to serve as a benchmark level.

Though every civilization leaves some indication of their supremacy in one or the other field, but Greeks has proved their superiority in each and every field. This very peculiarity of Greek People of having mastered every art and profession has given them the status of the most modern and coveted ancient civilization.

Referred to as the creators of modern western civilization, Greek civilization’s uniqueness of concepts, novelty of ideas and dexterity in every art has always been a source of curiosity. How did Greeks get this predisposition of mind, which led them towards great works in varied fields? Why were they the ones to propose novel plans? What were their sources of motivation and inspiration?

These questions have always baffled students of history in particular and public in general.

Mr. Historian professor of Greek Age recently had an interview with Mr. Socrates in which he has tried to find the underlying reasons for masterpieces of GREEK WORLD and throw some more light on the ancient world.

Here are excerpts from this interview

Mr. Historian: History tells us of the ways you chose to deal with the delicate and intricate matters related with justice, love, friendship and duty towards Gods. And in all you have proved to be far ahead of your time- you have surpassed every other person who has ever dealt with such matters in past.

Mr. Socrates: We Greeks have a way of doing things in best possible ways.

Mr. Historian: You are right Mr. Socrates. But this fact in itself is a mystery. How did people of your civilization managed to turn out masterpieces in all most every field?

Mr. Socrates: The answer is very simple—in the Greek view

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well”

It was this belief that has made Greek heritage one of the richest in the world

Mr. Historian: No one can deny that. Everything that can be traced back to Greek World has an aura of importance, uniqueness and creativity around it.

Mr. Socrates: The reason behind this is our unshakeable belief in the worth of individual man. We always believed that a man must be respected not just as an extension of omnipotent lord or God, but should be given his due for being himself.

Mr. Historian: This was one aspect where Greeks differed from their counterparts around the world. For everywhere else in the world, man was considered to be nothing but an instrument of the creator or God.

Mr. Socrates: We differed in a large number of other ways also. Apart from believing in worth of man, another important difference was our belief or rather disbelief in life after death. We did not believe in presence of life after death like most of our fellow beings did. Rather we believed in the life, which we have now .So instead of trying to improve the life after death, we believed in spending energy to make our present life better.

We gave more importance to courage, honour, love and enjoyment of beauties of physical world. This further increased the need to have the best possible means of enjoying the present world and… hence masterpieces you talks about.

Whether it’s the Pythagoras Theorem by Pythagoras, Erectheum by Pericles, Odyssey by Homer, Huge temple of Athena at Parthenon by Phidias, Statue of Aphrodite known as Venus de Milo or other pieces of poetry, handicrafts etc all speak of the dynamic unfaltering Greek Spirit.

Mr. Historian: I cannot agree more with you. And I am sure all will agree with it for where else can we see such display of artistic innovations, scientific discoveries and beautiful pieces of art!

To be continued…

Excerpts for the second and final part of interview with Mr. Socrates…

Mr. Socrates: … the big war broke out because Pericles, leader of Athens, dreamt beyond his time – of a centrally ruled empire. An idea that later on did become a reality!

(the geographical conditions)…led individuals to believe that every one of them has to make a contribution to the life of society around them. And it was this belief that gave world the concept of equal participation in state affairs or Democracy, as we know it today.

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