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A Quest…

To explore has always been a trend,

People just keep trying their unusual stand

What is the need to climb the tallest mountain?

Swim across the longest river

Make love to the most unlovable

Take care of the rudest person available

Are they really self less people

Trying to do some good

Leave some trail behind

Set up some standards

And make it easier for others in line

Or is it really a selfish act

To do some undone thing

And be the one to have gone

Ahead of all, above of all

Be the one to have achieved

What everyone thought would never succeed

And what drives them is nothing

But a Quest…

A quest for being one with the nature

To be the ultimate achiever

Categories: Poemz
  1. Shahab Khan
    June 21, 2009 at 15:49

    So True…..

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