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On the way to Doon Valley

Such beautiful scenes with full moon views….

Mountains bathed in silver lather….stars below & moon above…a full perfect round moon at its maximum glow and so much closer than normal

On my one side were the lights of Doon city sprawling across like a handsome intricately woven carpet with illuminated bulbs as the motifs creating colourful scintillating aura—

On the other side were the solid timeless huge mountains bathed in silver lather with trees drenched in pale white light.

The sky had stars too – numerous of them – though shining still but looked more like the outwitted contenders who have lost their chance and could not woo the mysterious sensuous beauty ‘night’ and hence appear as small & less glowing in the presence of the winner

And the winner is none other than my most coveted charmer and a night person like me ‘MOON’…

Moon, which in this otherwise dark & dull night, seems to be the only formally dressed suitor having won all possible contests and now finally waiting for its true soul mate and partner , the ever present black beauty night to accept him and begin the never ending affaire and start on the primal universal slow dance — the identity of intimate pure love.

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