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Marriage has been on my mind for some time now but dose’nt seem to be in my cards yet!

Every other person is either getting married or has all ready crossed the altar. In fact most of my age sakes celebrated the Mother’s Day also! More interestingly these days any one who meets my mom has a story to tell as to how their son or daughter met a prospective partner on the net. The latest story is that of a neighbor’s son who has decided to get married without seeing the girl! All these stories I am sure are exchanged in pure conversation but what happens then is that either she tries to fathom reasons why the same is not happening with her daughter or it makes her more sad. Both the things affect me. She is right in her own way… and has all the rights to want to see her daughter getting married. And the irony is that the daughter also wants the same … she also wants to get married at least she says so! So then what goes wrong is certainly beyond me.

People say your expectations are very high… you have become very fussy and choosy … these and many other such blames are thrown open at my father and mother… I do not know how they field all these bouncers.

If it comes to me i can give answers to all these questions or at least try to. I mean if a person (read a girl) has to stay alone in a city… be it any city dosent she or he will have to be independent and self-sustainable to be able to meet up with all ther demands of this big bad world.

And then since the person has to earn a living, then for sure has to go out of the house and meet all kind of people thus getting an exposure which may or may not be available inside the house and then this exposure is bound to teach a lot… give an idea about so many things which happen… make the person aware of all that is available in the world both in terms of material and human beings. And this happened with the girl in question (that is me) and thus now there is no way of accepting what ever is available or whatever is being offered!

In fact isnt this the reason why people send their kids outside home to give them exposure , to make them independent, and make them fully armed to face anything that comes their way while still holding on to their values and ethics. So if thats the case and I have become good enough to decide whats good and bad then why give me a tag of being fussy and choosy or being independent???

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