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Colorful City of Jaipur

some time back I had the opportunity to travel to Jaipur… and here is an account – not promoting tourism not sharing what I did… just what I saw and my feelings …

The Pink City – The city of palaces…the city synonymous with rajput history…centre of modern politics with full fledged participation of the royal families…the city of Jaipur…

had gone for a wedding…stayed at 5 star village – Chokhi Dhani…a very typical Indian wedding …where the groom and the bride had met for just about enough time to know each other’s name and had said yes to a commitment which would bind them forever…and then the groom was off to London…to come back just a week before the wedding ceremony…

and he for sure came back in style…with boss (Mark) alongside him…and apart from the couple getting married it was Mark who left a ‘mark’ on everyone…whether with his dance moves in Baraat or with his ‘lehriya’ – typical rajasthani kurta wid churidaar or with his priceless expressions after eating spicy rajasthani food!!!

Now to be in Jaipur and not doing any sightseeing would have been too much on my conscience…so we set out for a tourist excursion…off to the Amer or the Amber fort…perched rite on the top of the hill…standing as a validation of the amazing architecture and precision even in the absence of high tech engineering procedures!!!

Some historical facts – The construction of the Amber Fort began in the year 1592 and was started by Man Singh I and was finished by his descendant Jai Singh I.

The fort is a treat for eyes; its wide courtyards with fountains in the centre and beautifully laid out gardens make me realize what we miss in our metro cities…

the windows or the jharokhas with breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and valleys giving competition to all the man made landscapes and winning hands on … the separate set of rooms for all the queens…with their individual corridors all opening towards the common courtyard…gives a sense of equality and yet hurts my feminism a little since all these queens would have waited for one king to come and take them out of their seclusion…

the carvings on the walls made of mirrors or mosaic of different colours…depicting scenes of hunting…was it a reminder for the king or to ensure that the ladies of the house understand the dangers faced by their men in the outer world and how safe they were inside…

the narrow corridors crisscrossing all around the inside of the fort…big enough for just one person and small and low enough for an attacking enemy…with steep stairs to make it easier for horses and a good exercise regime for the occupants…

the place smells of history…and can make you a little nostalgic as if some time in the past you might have lived there…as a man of the house enjoying the luxuries of life after a deadly fight, relaxing a broken body or as a woman of the house all dressed up in the fineries, jewels from far off places…places which she will never get to see… sitting with the rest of the group waiting and hoping that the king decides to visit her today or just looking out of one of the Jharokhas towards the setting sun hoping to see the world without the bars !!!

All this filled me with melancholy…and to ward it off…and to show the true colours of Rajasthan to the firang boss…we headed towards the famous market ‘Johari Bazaar’ which is rite next to the ‘Hawa Mahal’…this place is the centre of activity…bustling with people from all over the country…foreign tourists trying to bargain in their tooti phooti hindi…famous rajasthani coloured cloth in various forms spread all across…together with pearls and necklaces in vibrant colours and royal settings…and though I couldnt see any mistress of spices anywhere …the smell of spices was omnipresent…

Shopping we did…couldn’t have not done that…bought bangles with meenakari…made Ravi the friend of the groom buy 2 sarees for his to be wife…and made Mark pack pair of rajasthani shoes for his daughter…and colourful stoles for wife.

All in all spent the entire day and half running around the city of Jaipur… hoping that some of the grace, valor and dignity would get rubbed on to me…and must say I wasn’t disappointed!!!

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