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Vote India

India has been voting for the past month or so and today it was time for the Capital City to get the black mark on the right finger!

Have seen many elections till now but for sure this was the first one wherein the voting was being promoted more like a bollywood movie and less like a documentary which has to be screened as it was made on Government money.

It just seems that something has for once outdone Cricket in our country! With IPL on full drive people still were talking about elections and by people I mean not just the politicians but also the common man of RK Laxman!

Everyone from actors to cricketers was on the media for a reason above the usual chaos. To think of even the Channel V which has been notoriously famous for only promoting the low waist wearing generation took stand for voting and did a series asking people to vote. I am sure their quest would have been to be in sync with the time and situation but what they have done in the process is that they have made voting stylish! They have given it a style quotient… so kudos to Channel V.

The news is already out that the turn out in Mumbai was low and we still don’t know if Delhi will follow the track or would have a mind of its own as Delhi didn’t have a 26/11 which Mumbai had and is being quoted as the reason for low voting.

But the fact is that elections this time were different! If newspapers were full of canvassing and rallies then there were enough debates also about the track records of the politicians; if the election speeches were the headlines of news channels than the citizen forums and their discussions with the politicians were also there on prime time; if politicians were providing cold water to beat the heat the market stores were also not far behind they were offering discounts on all their services to be availed just by showing the Black Spot!

Voting was not just discussed at the polling booth rather is making headlines on Facebook too!

I do not know what the researchers will say about the possible outcome of the elections but one things is for sure true that there is a general wave of awareness among people – the common man wants to get out of the stereotypical not interested, not concerned and not involved in the process of running the country kind of a person. He wants to know what is being done and how can he partner. This indeed is a new beginning…

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