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Being an Indian, spirituality comes naturally, or so people would think.

But believe me when I say….it has taken me more than two & a half decades to finally discover my sense of spirituality!

And now that I have deciphered it for myself…the first association I can think of is with Bhagwat Gita – the most renowned – the most enlightened conversation on all aspects of life. A book, which aims to define all the possible human actions on this Earth and that too in the most human possible way.

Before we get into the controversies & details of the subject…let me make it very clear…I am still a learner & still reading & trying to understand it. And here on this platform – I just want to share whatever I have already gone through in this field.

Our life in today’s world has become very mechanized. We talk of hiring Robots in the coming decade…but haven’t we ourselves imbibed in us a robotic personality. We have fixed schedules…which we can’t even think of disrupting. We behave in a particular manner, to either be a part of a group or gain appreciation. It’s all so pre-decided, programmed and always keeps us busy. But that’s life…and so why complain?
Right, the complaining doesn’t take us anywhere. It’s how we still communicate with ourselves and retain our individuality, inspite of the busy schedules and hectic work hours, that’s important. And it is this introspection, as some call it that keeps us sane and moving in one direction and still connected with our soul.
This connection with one’s soul in all the times defines the spirituality at its best.

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